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Tascam iXZ Mic & Instrument Interface for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

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About this item Switchable mic/line input, Mic input powered by two AA batteries Non-powered guitar input Phantom power, Gain control 1/8” headphone output XLR mic input, High-impedence guitar input
John Frenaye

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2017

Review:Like the product. But, it came from Japan (took forever) and had Japanese packaging and instructions. The unit itself was branded in English. So, not sure if it is grey market or not. But it does work as I had hoped and needed. If you are looking for this, it is available at B&H Photo for just a few dollars more and ships overnight--likely with Englilsh instructions. Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2013

Review:I use this interface to record via Garage Band on my iPhone 4s, and it's awesome. It's nice to have a VERY portable recording option, like this interface. I can run a microphone, guitar, or even if I need to, any 1/4" Line input (Keyboard, Mixer, etc.), and any XLR capable equipment, into the 1/4"/XLR Combo jack. It's battery powered, so I don't need to plug it into the wall, so I can carry it with me across the room when I need to. If I get a song idea, all I have to do is plug the interface into my phone, plug in my guitar or mic, and go. Very handy, and very portable! Sound quality between the interface and the device is good, can't find any reason to complain. One thing to think about, along the lines of sound quality, is that you can't expect to record CD/Production quality music on your iPhone. However, with a decent iPad setup, and this interface, I'm sure it's possible. However, I only use my interface with an iPhone, and don't expect much. I'm not producing professional music on that tiny screen. My full studio contains several items from Tascam, and I've always trusted Tascam for a quality product, and they haven't let me down yet. I definitely recommend this interface to any musician on the go, looking for an ultra portable recording interface. Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2017

Review:I have to say I'm extremely dissapointed. I purchased this unit on March 21st. I had just used a friends iXZ and was blown away by the sound quality and sturdy build. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. When I received it I was at first off put by the fact that the TASCAM name on the front of the box was completely covered over by a sticker written in Chinese. That was ominous in my opinion, but the unit looked identical to my friends. I went to use it for a vocal recording gig and it was a disaster. The damn this is NOISY. Clicks, crackles, artifacting, interference. It was absolutely horrible. So I took my whole setup back to my friend and swapped his unit out for mine, thinking something in my setup might be bad. Crystal clear on his unit. I'm afraid that what I've received is a counterfeit unit of extremely poor internal quality. I'll be contacting Amazon for a refund and trying to purchase it online from a licensed TASCAM vendor. Read more

Amazon Customer

Date:Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2017

Review:works great Read more

Jason Douglas

Date:Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2014

Review:Tascam IXZ is awesome and sounds better with XLR Read more


Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2021

Review:Too noisy. Had to return it. Read more

Gen. Mark L.

Date:Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2017

Review:Box came from CHINA all smashed and sound is not typical Tascam quality. Would not recommend Read more


Date:Reviewed in Japan on March 26, 2023

Review:期待しすぎない事。 音質は、イヤホンマイクと変わり有りません。 ケーブル接続引き回し等で使い勝手が悪いです。 要するに価格相当です。 Read more


Date:Reviewed in Japan on March 26, 2023

Review:アナログ製品であり使用する機器の入出力部分の質によって結構変わります 安価な中華ノートに直で接続したときはノイズだらけでしたがDAC機能付きのtypeC4極3.5アダプタを介したらノイズやクロストークが減りました 普通にデジタルのインターフェースを買った方が良いと思います Read more


Date:Reviewed in Japan on June 30, 2023

Review:初期設定なしで、線を繋ぐだけで出来ました。電池式で、電源スイッチなどがありますが、イヤホンはスイッチ押さなくても聞こえました。めちゃくちゃ便利で、毎日使用させていただいています。 Read more


Date:Reviewed in Japan on August 28, 2022

Review:悪い点 ・備え付けのコードが短い ・備え付けのコードが取り外し不可 ・電池式 ・電源やファンタム電源のスイッチが小さい(操作しづらい) 良い点 ・操作がシンプル ・値段もそこそこ ・ちゃんと機能を果たしてくれる ・お手軽 「iPad iPhone iPod touch用」と書いてあるが、ふつうに「Android」でも使える。ふつうに備え付けのコードを、イヤホンジャックに差し込めばいい。 コンデンサーマイク使う場合は、必ず「電源→ファンタム電源→ボリューム」の順で操作を行う。 ※消す時は逆。 そうしないと、マイクが壊れる可能性があるのだが「悪い点」で挙げたように、スイッチが小さく操作がしづらいのが難点。よく確認しないと、ファンタム電源を消した、と思ってたのに消えてなかった・・なんて事がある。 また自分が購入したものは、電池が少なくなってくると「ピー」という異音が聴こえるようになった。 電池を交換したら、元に戻った。※仕様なのかは分からない。 総合的にはタイトル通り、お手軽でいい商品だと思う。 以上。 Read more

Patrick R.

Date:Reviewed in France on October 2, 2021

Review:A part ça, l'interface est simple, fonctionnelle, toutefois un peu légère et manquant de stabilité Read more

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