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Lalafancy Jet Car Washer, Magic Pressure Power Hose Nozzle Washer Wand Flexible Water Hose Nozzle Sprayer Car Home Garden Window Washing Extendable Spray Wand

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Asin: B0885X41T7
Product weight: 15.7 Ounces
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Color: Blue Magic power washer water jet is used to clean dirt and mold on wood, car, tires, glass, concrete, window, patio, deck. Garden hose power jet from cars and cleans patios, driveways, and second story windows from the ground. Installation Tips Hose Black Connection Accessories Please don’t connect the standard hose directly when used. Water pressure standard: 6mpa Installation tips with a quick connector It is a normal water hose sprayer and there are two ways to easily connect it to your hose: 1. If your water hose has a connector, you can connect our water jet directly to it. 2. If your hose has a quick release connector, you screw our black connection accessories onto our power jet and push into your quick release connector. It is easy to peel off and take on. Tip 1: The quick connector was not included. Tip 2: The washer wand fits 3/4" standard garden hose & 1" standard female hose connectors. Tip 3: Different water pressure in the house may affect the experience of using this jet power washer. Tip 4: To get extra pressure, it is better to use this jet power washer with a water pump or car washer together. 2 METAL SPRAY NOZZLES Fan nozzle-Large area coverage: With this metal nozzle, the washer wand will spray water into a fan shape, which will help you to wash a large area, even to water your garden and lawn. As well as showering the pets. Jet nozzle-With full force: With this pressure washer hose nozzle, the hydro jet power washer will spray water with great impact, which can make you rinse easily to stains on the car,clean the window and patio.It can also be used as power washer accessories.