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CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool Gaming PC, Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NVMe SSD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (SLC8260A2, Black)

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About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) System: Intel Core i7-9700k 3. 6GHz 8-Core: Intel Z390 Chipset, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NV Me SSD: Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB Video Card, 1x HDMI, 2x DisplayPort Connectivity: 6 x USB 3.1, 2 x USB 2. 0, 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000, 802.11AC Wi-Fi: Audio: 7.1 Channel: Keyboard and mouse Special feature: Liquid Cooling; Tempered glass side case panel; Custom ARGB case lighting: RGB 7 colors gaming mouse 1 year parts & labor | Free lifetime tech support ? See more product details
Scott M
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on November 7, 2020

Review:I am EXTREMELY happy with this computer. I will break down the Pros/Cons here as well as give some pointers to get the most out of this computer if you do buy it and some basic trouble shooting of common problems. This will be a long review though, so if you want a TLDR: It is a great buy, but a few things to be aware of if you are going to buy it. I needed a new computer for work and for Cyberpunk 2077 and this is perfect! I use this for work and gaming both. I do photography and videography for work so I need a powerful PC to handle my work (especially for video) and I also am a big PC gamer. I will cover both subjects in this review so you know how it does for both uses. I also have generally built my PCs so I have quite a bit of hardware knowledge, which is an important thing to think about before buying this PC (I will explain below). Pros: -The parts that you are getting in this machine are VERY capable. This is not the tippity-top of the line but it is a solid gaming PC/workstation. I usually try to get my tech at that peak price-to-power ratio. If you get the top of the line, you pay a lot more for that extra 10% power, and if you get something cheap, you'll end up replacing it soon. This computer, in my opinion, is right in that sweet spot. -The parts are all trustworthy brands. You are not guaranteed any specific manufacturer, but all my parts meet the specs listed and are from reputable brands. (MSI, Intel, GIGABYTE, WesternDigital, CoolerMaster, etc) -With liquid cooling on your CPU overclocking is very viable. If you don't know how to overclock, either research it yourself or get help. Do not use the "Default Overclock" settings where you let the system do it for you. I tested that out and it would have burnt out my CPU over time with a very high voltage it ran. I did my own overclock and have a very stable 4.6GHz that never runs hotter than 70 degrees. You could easily push it past that if you wanted, but I prefer to err on the safe side. You can definitely push this machine a bit though. -It is a very cool looking machine with tons of light options to select from with a remote control. No software needed. -Cable management is pretty good overall and it looks nice and clean inside. -It runs pretty cool temperature wise overall. I added two additional fans based off some other reviews, but I don't know that they were needed. -This thing runs most of my games at 4k Ultra settings with 60fps. A few poorly optimized games (not the fault of this computer) might require me to drop the resolution to 1440p. If you are on a 1080p monitor, you shouldn't have any problems with any games around. -This is a dream for video editing. Some of my projects on my old PC struggled to play back while I was working on them in Premiere Pro, and rendering times were pretty long. I had a good CPU but a very old GPU in my old system with an SSD but not an M.2 like this. My old PC I used proxy files to help with editing and had those playing back at a fraction of even the proxy quality. This plays smoothly during editing without even using proxy files in full 4k. Very impressive! My render time for a 15 second project I had completed before that was VERY HEAVY on effects and animation took almost 2 hours. This computer did it in under a minute thanks to this GPU. My old GPU was not supported so all the work fell to the CPU. If you have a good GPU already, you may not notice that improvement, but if you are in the same boat I was, then this will be life changing for you. -Boot time is only a few seconds once you are past the splash screen to enter BIOS. -It is very quiet. My keyboard makes way more noise than the computer does. It is also easy to turn on and off the lighting (as long as you don't lose your remote). My home office also happens to be our bedroom, so it being quiet and being able to turn off the lighting or dim it easily are very nice benefits for my late work nights when my wife is trying to sleep. -My unit was assembled in the US and was perfect when it arrived. Well packed and protected. Cons: -The mouse and keyboard that come with this are the only kind-of "con". I haven't used the keyboard yet, but the mouse was broken when I got it and it felt like it came from a happy meal. I already have a good keyboard and mouse and would have never used these anyways. I was not expecting anything from these as they are "freebies" that are thrown in with the PC and any company selling pre-built PCs usually gives VERY cheap peripherals. Just plan on probably needing to buy another mouse and keyboard at some point and not using these long term. This would be the case with pretty much any pre-built PC brand. High end pre-built brands might give better peripherals, but if you've spent that much on your PC you will still probably replace what they give you with the top of the line peripherals anyways, so I don't take any points off for this. It is to be expected. I have not personally had a single real con yet with this machine, but I read a lot of other reviews before I bought this and knew what I was getting. The motherboard is not top of the line at all. It doesn't leave much room for upgrading this to be a monster machine down the road (don't get me wrong though, this machine is already a beast right now), but I knew that before I bought this, so it is not really a negative. It is totally capable of handling all of the components they built this with and even good enough to do some basic overclocking. I had read reviews saying that sometimes connections are loose or things like that and it can cause problems. CyberPowerPC were also nice enough to include a little card showing some of the common things to come loose during shipping to check before you power on. I bought this PC knowing if there were any problems, I am my own Tech Support and won't have any problems. If you are not tech savvy or good with building PCs then you may want to read more reviews and think hard about getting this PC. Maybe budget a trip to Geek Squad in to your price, just in case you have any issues. I can tell you that my unit came in perfect condition and it would have worked out of the box for any level of user, but some other reviews have had problems so I am mentioning that so you are aware. I will give a few pointers/tips based off other peoples bad reviews that you can easily fix without much know how. It is a shame some people sent this machine back for very simple issues thinking the computer was broken. Here are a few things to know if you buy this PC but aren't a huge nerd like me that can figure out what to fix: -Check all the connections that you can see in the case when you get it to see if they are snug. Hopefully they give you the same little card for what to look for, but you don't need to know where stuff goes, just check to see if what is plugged in feels snug where it is already plugged in. If you have a fan power cable or something that came loose, it could cause the PC to overheat and just randomly shut off to protect itself. -A couple reviews said this had terrible WiFi reception. They probably did not connect the additional antenna that is included... This computer has the strongest connection of any piece of tech in my home with the default parts that came with this. I believe there are instructions on where to connect it in the back, but it is similar to a coaxial cable jack. -Download all the latest updates and drivers. Some computer issues you can have may have nothing to do with the seller/hardware and could just be a software issue. -A few users had issues with their BIOS possibly. Do not go messing with your BIOS if you don't know what you are doing, but it may be worth doing an internet search just on how to "Reset your BIOS to default" which could fix that problem for you. Just resetting your BIOS is not very difficult or dangerous to do. -Any other problems you have, it could be a simple fix that again would be worth doing a quick search for the issue you are having. It may be way easier to solve a small issue than to pack it up and ship it back and get a refund. -Worst case scenario, see if a techy friend or a local computer place can fix it for you if you still have any problems. The other reviews made it sound like the CyberPowerPC tech support can't do to much to help you without you shipping it off to them which will be a huge pain. It does sound like you can return it for a refund without too much trouble if it comes to that though. Again a reminder though, I did not have a single problem with my unit. I don't know how many units have these little problems, but I wanted to try and address some of the common ones from other reviews so that if you buy this, you know what to look for when you open it up and you can just have fun with your new computer instead of weeks of waiting for shipping and repairs. Conclusion: Even if I had run in to any little problems, I would still be very happy with this computer. I was planning on having to fix some little issues when I bought it and it was a pleasant surprise that everything was working perfectly. This computer is an absolute beast for gaming and video editing both. Whether you need it for work or for fun, this will do the job no problem. I did a lot of shopping around and did not find anything else that compared to the value of this PC at the price that I got it at. I have always built my computers in the past. This was my first pre-built PC I have ever gotten. I am surprised and very happy with what CyberPowerPC has delivered on. It seemed the least I could do to write this review and give a few trouble shooting tips because they saved me a few hundred dollars and some build time. I would definitely buy from them again. Disclaimer: A lot of my review has to do with the value of this product and reviewing it at the price that I paid. I got it during Prime Day and it seems to be higher now so you'll have to decide if it is worth it at what ever the current price is. When I got it, it was significantly cheaper than buying the parts and building it myself. Now it seems to be priced about the same or a little higher than the components would cost (which is a fair business model to have it priced at this higher price). I was planning on getting this exact PC from them before it went on sale. It was in my wish list on Amazon already and I was planning on buying it before the end of the year, but when I saw it went on sale, I immediately got it. Well worth the purchase. Read more

Jared C
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on October 22, 2022

Review:I bought this PC for $1,499, I've owned it for a little over 2 and a half years. The only issue I've had with the hardware of the computer was that the aio pump started acting up a few months ago(very loud grinding noise) it stopped for awhile then picked up about a month ago. While replacing the cpu cooler I came to find out that the aio pump and radiator were hardwired to the psu instead of the motherboard headers(Not a big deal since the pump would've been running at 100% anyway, but it did cause the bios to run during every startup). If anyone is having issues with their cyberpower aio pump, I highly recommend replacing with a Noctua NH-U12A, there was no stress of a water-cooled install and my cpu temp is significantly lower than with the AIO pump The only other issue I have with the pc is that the cables were stuffed in the the bottom slot with the psu(A massive bundle of tangled cables, with some electrical tape holding two mismatched cables together) a little bit of effort and zip ties made me feel much better about the cables. This pc has handled a lot of top tier games with high demanding graphics on the top settings(With a bit of stress). I'm leaving a 5 star review because the price point I paid still holds up today as far as all of the components go, I could rebuild this exact pc for for around $1,550(With today's prices on amazon), It would've cost me around 1,300-1400 to build at the time of purchase(about 2 and a half years ago) With that being said, had i paid the current asking price of $2,199 i'd be leaving a 3 star review, for that price I recommend building it yourself and using the $650 gap to build a better pc than this Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on January 26, 2020

Review:Everything worked 100% from start. Good way to buy PC's now for getting the most bang for the buck. Though don't learn as much as you would if you assembled system yourself. But save some time, money and hassle. Included image of m.2 drive because first I'd seen. I put a penny is on the m.2 also for size reference. heh What I got with my system: ~ GPU: ASUS NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2700 SUPER dual fan ~ MOBO: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4-CB ~ m.2 SDD: 1tb INTEL 660p Series ~ RAM: TFORCE 16GB speed 3000 (16-18-18-38) ------------- Will list what I did first, as helpful note; After all updates. I created my Spybot Search & Destroy (good free anti-malware app) whitepages list. ...mentioning this reminder because... creating the whitepages (ie. files 100% sure are clean) list should only be done on new OS install, and saves loads of time on scans later, so first thing to do with new PC. Finally created my drive image backup. This time I just used DriveImage XML (free) ..easiest/fastest. Maybe will go back and create a proper IMG format file later but couldn't find my old Clonezilla USB or spare USB thumbdrive to make a new one. And XML/dat works. Just a reminder sense don't get install CD's anymore. ---------- Anyways.. back to the system. Good clean build. Everything was installed properly. As far as the case, I like it. The RGB remote and color cycles is awesome. RGB on four fans and CPU change in sync. Only complaint is no USB-C on front (one on rear), but I knew that. Some complained about airflow, but I no problem. If your going to overclocking or pushing it at max, yes, put a slim 120mm fan on the top vent. (or just remove the glass) Also I think it would make a lot of sense to _cover_ the bottom air vent. looks to me your loosing new air from the intakes through it. So probably a easy improvement that could be made without adding any fans at all. Something I also like about the design is the intake air goes through the front side vents. The design is such that I can easily cut and wedge in strips of black air filter material. (hardware store sells a matted type for HVAC that has black carbon on one side so faced out it would still look fine) To help keep dust out, and quick to remove when I need more airflow for system demanding tasks VR or gaming, but for normal computing, the airflow reduction will be less than what dust buildup does, so maintenance saver for me. other notes.. I didn't expect to use the WIFI, but ended up using and works really good and fast. Didn't really notice any difference in download speeds from my ethernet cable. Further comments on parts: ~ GPU: ASUS NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2700 SUPER dual fan ~ prob. the component that most likely to vary, but looks they only source good names ~ MOBO: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4-CB ~ Read had gotten ASUS motherboards, so maybe this varies too, but the CB on end means it's a version of this mobo manufactured specifically for CyberPower. If you want to update the bios you have to get the drivers from CyberPower website not ASRocks. (most should never need to) Coincidentally, I went with ASRocks in my last self-build and it ran 24/7 for many many years. This PG4 is a midrange in their lineup and sufficient to get most from this hardware. If want more expensive version, I would suggest a custom build direct from CP's website. But again, I think the school of thought on overspec'ing with buying the most expensive mobo is bogus. One negative is not many USB ports on back, just 2 USB 2.0(key/mouse) 2 3.1, and 1 Type-C on back. ~ m.2 SDD: INTEL 660p Series ~ Faster than a SATA SDD, not the fastest m.2 you can buy, but reliable. I was expecting a traditional SATA SDD and was surprised by this component, first m.2 I seen. Was wondering where the harddrive was, thought ok, it must be on the back of the tray, but than.. what's that's on the motherboard? wait what!? THAT's the 1tb drive? No way! Heh. tech's come a long ways. Is a slot for a second m.2 under the video card on my system, though I didn't remove the GPU to see. ~ TFORCE .. 16gb 3000 .. very nice RAM though I upgraded to 64gb and used these sticks to upgrade my old system. ~ I will list the PSU (power supply) after I do tear down inspection, but I trust it provides clean power, all that important. And these days the MOBO's are better at power filtering as well, so not as important as once was, though read a review saying the PSU they got was gold star certified. Last irrelevant notes.. Keyboard and Mouse. I'm of the opinion that anyone buying a PC desktop should always consider the keyboard and mouse that comes with a system as backups. This one just comes with fancier backups than you usually get. Each person is different, to get the most out of the system, I recommend purchasing peripheral devices to your personal preference. Like for example, a mechanical keyboard for faster more enjoyable typing, ergo, or perhaps wireless keyboard with laptop style buttons, is no need to spend much but upgrading your interfaces really enhances the experience a great deal. For example you can get a mechanical keyboard for $25-30 that is nice a typing experience as $125 keyboards. And wireless mice for $10 that give as good experience as $75 mice. But to review these, the included mouse is solid, with 4 buttons on side instead of just two, mouse wheel is smooth. Though overall is a little big for me. Keyboard has really nice palm rest, and media buttons on side are conveniently placed. However the squishy keys are like typing in a fog compared to my mechanical keyboard. I also recently got a $25 ARTECK ultra-thin wireless laptop style keyboard, that is interesting/neat experience as a secondary input device. Read more

Cenk Miroglu

Date:Reviewed in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on December 5, 2019

Review:Which components did I get? - i7-9700K which scores great on userbenchmark. - ASRock Z390 Phanom Gaming 4-CB motherboard with 4.20 firmware. I have not updated firmware as ASRock does not "actually" support the CB version of this motherboard. It is specifically designed for CyberpowerPC only. Right now the firmware is quite up to date, we will see what the future brings. No star deduction there. - EVGA RTX 2070 Super which scores 6300 on Superposition Benchmark on 1080p Extreme. Without overlocking this is a good result. Plus you can just use the X1 software from EVGA or MSI Afterburner for your special needs. I recommend you guys to do that as default fan curve is just terrible and the temperatures might get too high, just make your own curve. - Teamgroup UD4-3000 MHz 2 x 8 GB RAM which scores great on userbenchmark and I am really happy about that. - Stress testing the GPU resulted in maximum 75 C temperature. During gaming of 1440p Jedi Knight Fallen Order on Epic Detail, the avarage fps was 91 and the temperature never went over 74 C. Again, GPU fan speeds were customized via MSI Afterburner here. - RGB remote controller for the fans is a terrible one and it broke the 2nd day. I do not care about the RGB, and I will replace the fans anyway. - The case is nice, tempered glass looks beautiful and it even has filters below the case for an extra case fan. I will use that spot for sure. You also get a free spot on top of the case, it might be useful to install an exhaust fan too at some point. - The wifi adapter built in on the board worked for me. I guess this is more like a house network quality thing. - The Intel SSD is just decent. I was using a similar one anyway. This is an amazing PC with great components for the price. I got it on a Black Friday deal and I am really happy with it. It is definitely recommended. 5/5. Feel free to ask any questions. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on March 23, 2020

Review:I finally upgraded my 7-year old gaming system with this rig and it is incredible! Running all games on ultra high settings and getting top fps with smooth and fluid gaming. The SSD makes it extremely quiet, boots up really fast, and the RGB lighting makes it look pretty cool (even includes a remote to change lighting). Unfortunately, the company said they would send a gift for posting a positive reply, but they lied. While the gaming system is great, the company is dishonest. When I called the support line, they said they don't handle customer requests or complaints. Do not trust them. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on January 18, 2020

Review:Bought this for my husband for Boxing Day when it was on sale for an even better price, the system works great, boots up instantly from shut down to windows, runs everything great and without any difficulty at all. The only issue we have had from it was after about a week the system wouldn't boot up and apparently a windows 10 update may have caused an error and when we started up the CPU it would only go into the BIOS, apparently Windows 10 was not on the system anymore. We called CyberPowerPC and they walked us through what we should do, we reinstalled Windows 10 and its been about 2 weeks since that happened and so far it hasn't happened again, the tech that we talked to said if it was something faulty inside the unit they would replace it if the problem continued, what better service can you get than that? CyberPowerPC gets a thumbs up from me and with service like that, I will be buying future computers from them again when the time comes, keep up the good work! Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on November 26, 2019

Review:Arrived in perfect condition. Easy installation. Very fast computer. The wifi is very short distance though. I suggest to get another wifi adapter for it and make sure to disable the on board WiFi so its wont interfere with the other one you have. The gpu is a gigabytes and super as announced and the cable management was done professionally. Now it just a matter of waiting and hoping no problem arise. Correction. I had forgotten to connect the antenna that come with it. So the wifi also work correctly. my god damn fault Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ on April 26, 2020

Review:My son and I saved for a year to get him a good gaming and school work PC. As soon as it arrived we noticed that front usb ports didn't work properly. Only one port could be used at a time and if you plugged 2 in, they both stopped working. So we tried the back ports. As soon as we plugged in the usb the PC instantly shut right off. The back usb ports are totally unusable. Also the pc will not turn of if there are any usb devices plugged in. Next we noticed the PC will not shutdown, sleep or hibernate. It cuts power the the monitor but never turns off. We have to hold down the power button to get it off. Now the pc just randomly freeze. It could be 5 minutes or 1 hour. It doesn't matter what you are doing, it just freezes. The latest was while typing this it crashed with a Kernel error. This is my second attempt at this review. Their support has been lack luster as well. I've tried all the suggestions on their site as well as microsoft and other places, but the problems still remain. Their suggestion was for me to pay to ship it from Canada to California so they could repair it and ship it back. This could take several weeks of even months. (not to mention, the box was recycled) My son cannot be without a pc as he has school work, and due to covid19 all his learning is online, and this is the only pc we have right now. So we're stuck. I asked if they would send us a new, working pc and i'll ship the defective one back in the same box. I have yet to hear back from them. Read more

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