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Ruko U11 GPS Drones with Camera for adults, 40 Mins Flight Time, 4K UHD Mini FPV Quadcopter with Live Video, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Tap Fly, Easy to Use for Beginner (2 Batteries and Carrying Case) - Black

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About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) ?????°???????????????????? ???? ?????????????A 90°adjustable high-performance camera which is ideal for Aerial shot, takes excellent 4k Ultra HD pictures and help you capture and memorize every precious moment. ????????????????? ???????????? ?????????One intelligent flight battery provides a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. While supplied with an extra battery, this drone will extend the flight time to 40 mins (2*20 mins), brings you double joy time! ????????? ???????????????? ?????????? ???????? ???????Equipped with more functions like Follow function, Waypoint fly, Auto Return and Find The Lost Drone, it meets different needs and create more flying fun. And you do not need to worry about losing the drone due to operating errors or strong winds interference during flight, Find the Lost Drone function helps you track the last position by APP and easily find the drone. ????????? ???????????? ???? ???????????? ?????? ?????????????? ???????????? ???????????It has dual positioning system-optical flow and GPS positioning system. These two positioning systems bring you a safer and freer flight. They also help the drone precisely lock the height and hover stably to achieve better performance photograph or videos. Please note that a strong GPS signal must be searched before flying when it flies outdoors. ????????? ???????????????????With one key auto-take off and one key auto-land button, this drone can be easily operated to start and stop. And combined with the considerate icons on the APP, this drone becomes more simple to access even for drone beginners.
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Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2020

Review:This remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) appears to be the successor to the venerable Ruko F11, which was another great RPV at an incredibly affordable price point. I own the F11, and reviewed it favorable about ten months ago. With the experience gained with the F11, I was in a strong position to review the new Ruko U11. Immediately upon opening the box the user is greeted by quick start guide (see included picture). Beyond the convenience afforded by printing the guide inside the box, I immediately noticed that the startup sequence, as compared to the F11, is shorter. The steps are similar, but clearly the U11 is able to process data like the remote connection and compass calibration more efficiently. After opening the included carrying case, which neatly and securely contains the RPV and all provided accessories, I also noticed that unlike the F11, Ruko has included a quick reference remote control guide that the user can place on top of the remote control for handy reference (see included picture). Included in the durable carrying case is the RPV, the remote control, two batteries (one already installed in the U11, a mobile phone mount bracket for the remote control, as well as a complete set of replacement blades for all four motors, screws, and a screw driver. This is a very welcome addition, as mishaps with drones do happen and blade replacement can occur. The U11 itself is a standard quad-copter, but one that is very small in size and weight. While comparing the new U11 to my F11, I immediately noticed the weight difference. The U11 is much lighter, has cleaner lines and is more aerodynamic. The length of the U11 has also been decreased by about 15%, with the width coming in a bit wider. The height of the U11 is also much lower, perhaps a 20% reduction. This much smaller form factor on the U11 made for a much more nimble flight, with improved battery life. I also noticed that the ground clearance on the U11 has been increased. This is a very welcome addition, as the F11 was very difficult to land on uneven terrain. Although I would've appreciated an even greater degree of ground clearance, the improvement was appreciated. In terms of hardware upgrades in the U11, the most welcome is the addition of a 4K camera. Additionally, the new camera is provided with MUCH more ground clearance. On the F11, the camera was set so low that a user ran the risk of grinding the camera on the ground when starting up the vehicle or landing (again, ground clearance was a real issue with the F11). The U11 has solved this by both making the camera smaller, and setting it much higher in the fore section of the airframe. The camera is also isolated from the airframe by what appear to be rubberized connection points, an approach that has provided increased stabilization for the camera while in flight. True to the Ruko promise of approximately 20 minutes of flight time for each battery, that's on par with what I experienced. Since this improved model is smaller, and appears to incorporate a new motor design, it was also very quiet. The U11 flies well in calm winds and is simple to control and responsive to user commands. I haven't yet flown the RPV in moderate wind conditions, so I can't offer any insight into it's handling performance in those conditions. Having experienced it with the F11, I was pleased that Ruko continued to offer their unique ground sensor technology, which offers very precise handling, especially when coming in for a landing. I've only owned the U11 for five days, and so far my experience is very positive, but I can offer one potential area for improvement - I'm a bit concerned about the strength and durability of the remote control mobile phone mount. It held my OnePlus 8T+ just fine, but when the phone is connected there's a bit of movement between the bracket and the remote control. Given the high price of mobile phones, I would've preferred a more robust bracket that instilled more confidence in its strength. But that issue aside, my view is that the U11 RPV is yet another outstanding offering at an excellent price point. The vehicle is suitable for beginners and well as those with more experience flying RPV. In addition, the refinements made to the U11, when compared to the F11, make for a more solid drone, a better flying experience, and a more compact and weight friendly size, which is perfect for hiking or other adventures where these elements matter. Take it for a spin - you won't be disappointed. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2021

Review:The media could not be loaded. I bought this to take birds eye view pictures of my new house being built. Have wanted a drone before but hesitated to spend money on a high quality one. I bought cheaper ones as toys for my daughter and she and my husband could handle them fine but when I try to fly them would immediately crash. (I did not play video games much like they did so I think that gave them the advantage.) I was hesitant to spend much on a "real" drone because I was afraid I would just break it right away or lose it. With the auto takeoff, return to home, and auto landing I am able to fly this by myself without any trouble. I love the camera quality and look forward to getting great pictures of my new home. Only drawbacks: to fly you must follow about 8 steps IN ORDER including calibrating horizontal and vertical every time you turn it on so that eats up some of the battery time. When the battery was dying and I replaced it with a fresh one I had to fully restart my phone to get it to recognize the full battery and stop giving me the low battery warning. Not sure if that is the app or my phone but my husband had the same issue with his phone. The case is GREAT except the zipper on mine is messed up on both sides. The seller gave me a partial refund but would not replace the case unless I returned the entire thing. The phone attachment barely fits my phone and I have to take even the slim case off to fit, it is also a little flimsy and I will be trying to find a way to reinforce it to hold my phone up without flopping back. (Phone is a galaxy S21 ultra) Overall this is a nice product and I am enjoying it! Video is from my second flight that was very similar to my first but I didn't think to hit the record button first time. It is shaky but there was a slight breeze. I am not at all technologically inclined so if I can fly this just about anyone can. Read more