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Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamin Bundle with Hair Growth Spot Treatment Serum- Natural Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair & Visible Improvement in Hair Regrowth, Natural Follicle Hair Treatment.

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About this item Do you know the main reason women struggle with thinning hair and hair loss? It happens due to an increase in the DHT hormone, caused by stress, menopause, pregnancy and/or traumatic events. Treat hair loss from the inside out with Kerotin Hair Growth Vitamins, which contains 60 pills with natural extracts that block the DHT hormone. Topically, give hair growth a boost with Kerotin Spot Treatment Serum, which allows precision treatment for troubled areas with daily concentrated nutrition. NATURAL SUPPLEMENT BASES ON EVIDENCE - Our hair pills packed with Saw Palmetto, essential vitamins and minerals stimulate hair growth and tackle the root of hair loss). Kerotin hair growth supplement also contains the right ingredients to improve the suppleness and sheen of your skin and nails. Nourishing formula designed to combat all common causes of hair loss, including blocking the DHT hormone. Vegan, Sugar, Dairy, Soy, Allergen, GMO Free-No chemicals or preservatives in our hair growth pill DRUG-FREE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS SERUM: Kerotin hair regrowth serum does not contain minoxidil, a common drug used to stimulate hair growth. This unique solution combines natural ingredients and vitamins, such as castor oil, saw palmetto and biotin, to bring you the results without the risks of using a drug. Minoxidil many cause allergies and rashes - choose a natural product that can offer healthier and effective results! EASY TO INCORPORATE TO YOUR ROUTINE:The best supplement to make hair thick and healthy. Provides all the necessary nutrients for healthy, strong hair in two easy-to-take pills a day. To critical loss hair areas, apply the spot treatment by pushing the applicator head down to release the gel formula. Use a gentle circular motion when applying to the desired area daily to stimulate blood circulation and adequate nutrient absorption of the scalp. Serum will be fully absorbed, residue-free. 100% Made in the USA - Kerotin hair vitamins for women focus on providing an effective hair volume supplement with the highest quality ingredients available on the market. Our vitamins are also anti gray hair supplements due to the anti aging properties of Fo-Ti Root.