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Mio MiVue 798 Mounted Car Security Dash Camera with Sony's Premium STARVIS Sensor 2.5K QHD 1600p, 150° Wide-Angle Lens - Built-in GPS, G-Sensor for Emergency Backup, WiFi Connectivity & Safety Alerts

Price:PKR. 65,535.00 /

Asin: B08D8K8FC6
Product weight: 10.6 Ounces
Product dimentsions: 1.39 x 3.55 x 1.93 inches
Cost Break Down

About this item STARVIS CMOS Premium Quality Footage - The MiVue 798 provides 2.5K QHD 1600p footage with 150° wide angle viewing and F1.8 aperture. Designed with Sony’s Premium STARVIS CMOS, every detail on the road will be captured with incredible contrast and rich colors, even in low-light conditions. Perfect for recording memories to sharing footage with insurance for a claim. Made in Taiwan. Built-In, Fully Integrated GPS - Unlike competitors’ dash cams, the GPS is housed entirely inside the device, logging your location and speed with every recording. With no external GPS box, the MiVue 798 sports a streamlined, strong, and compact design that will go hardly noticed on your front window. Built-In Wifi For Ultimate Connectivity - It’s never been easier to transfer footage from the dash cam to your devices. Using the device’s integrated WIFI, immediately download the recordings to your smartphone and then share videos via the MiVue Pro app. Prioritized Safety Features - With general fixed and dynamic distance warning reminder technology, the Smart Alert function warns drivers according to the speed and distance they are from the camera. The device’s Advanced Driver Assistance System boasts Lane Departure and Forward Collision Warnings, as well as Fatigue Alert. The built-in 3-axis G-Sensor instantly starts recording in the event of an accident or sudden change of motion, ensuring the recorded data cannot be overwritten. Video Playback Software - Watch your recordings in Full HD video on the MiVue Pro App for smartphones, or the MiVue Manager for desktops. Utilize the MiVue Manager PC Tool to organize and share your videos on social media, or playback your route using the GPS overlay of the video synchronized with Google Maps. Dash cam includes a 16GB Class 10 microSD card for storage.

Product Dimensions
1.39 x 3.55 x 1.93 inches
Item Weight
10.6 ounces
Item model number
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Wireless communication technologies
Built-in GPS
Display resolution
Other display features
Scanner Resolution
Other camera features
Sony's STARVIS (6.8M pixel) video sensor, F1.8 Aperture, 30 fps
Included Components
Mio MiVue 798 Car Dash Camera, 1920 x 1080P@30Fps, 2.7inch Display,Sony's premium STARVIS CMOS sensor, Micro SD card 16GB
Date First Available
July 7, 2020
Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2021

Review:After u struggle with setting up. U thing it will work and when you check it doesn't. Its stupid camera. Picture quality is ok Read more

Gerald dixon
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2021

Review:Worth the money Read more

Michael K
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2021

Review:I am using this item for a young driver on narrow winding roads Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2020

Review:Mio MiVue 798 I had high hopes for this dash cam since Mio is a brand I know well. As a dash cam for recording incidents and parking it’s just fine. The app loads easily on android but demands a lot of permissions. If you only want to get video and don’t want to see incoming calls on your dash cam you shouldn’t have to give permission to your call logs, etc. I was a bit disappointed in the app as well. I downloaded some emergency videos that the 798 recorded when I used my windshield wipers and could see nice enough video. I wanted to zoom in on a license plate and that’s not an option. It’s super basic and a bit cumbersome. It’s probably easier to just interact with the dash cam directly. I wasn’t able to find any normal or parking videos on the app. It’s possibly an option but I find this dash cam frustrating enough without going into more menus. I don’t really like the mounting or cabling system that much. The camera needs to be on the driver side of the car to be able to interact with the controls but the power wire is angled the wrong direction. Also, the 00s called and they want their mini-B USB connector back. The power adapter hogs the entire lighter adapter so if you want to charge your phone you are going to have to do it elsewhere. There’s no pry tools or aids for hiding the wire around your windshield. It's probably best since the screen seems to come on by itself all the time and will undoubtedly call the attention of someone passing by with a screwdriver and a hoodie. I was most interested in the driving safety aids and the other “above and beyond” type things this dash cam promises. I’m mostly disappointed. The driver alert warnings are just based on a timer that seems to pop up even if I’ve only been driving for 15 minutes. I think the timer must be starting when power is applied and power is on all the time in my Nissan. The lane alerts are a nice touch and work well but become so annoying I disabled them after hearing the beep boop randomly for 4 hours on a long interstate trip this weekend. The alert that the car in front of you has started driving at a stop light is nice but often triggers after I’ve already started driving. And the tailgating alert is another one I had to disable because people pull in front of you all the time setting it off. So, while they look good on paper, these driving safety aids are pretty useless. I liked the GPS derived speedometer and wish it could be made larger or offer speed warnings when associated with actual speed limits on the streets. Google does this on maps but I suppose that’s a lot of data. I didn’t find the speed camera warnings to be of any use since I guess we don’t have those in my part of the country. I manually entered a camera warning at a location where a local sheriff likes to hide behind a billboard and the warning works well enough. It was also super easy to create with a click of a button. Since Mio dedicated a button to speed cameras I suppose this is a primary selling point of this dash cam and I’m not the target. I’ve reviewed several dash cams in recent weeks and I feel like Mio is just phoning it in with this one. It’s got decent optics but the physical layout, menu design and mounting seem to be based on a 20-year-old design. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020

Review:Another one of those things I've wanted and find ended up getting one. I'm not alone on this, how many times have you been driving and seen something you wish you could show other people or had someone almost hit you and wish you had a video of it to show people how close it was? Seen a awesome car you will never seen again or a deer jumped in front of you. Now you have video proof of all of this. All those times I wished I had video proof while driving has finally happened. I've had people try to race me. Ive had people slam their brakes on in front of me, had people cut me off and on and on. Not to mention this camera had night vision which really comes in handy if something should jump out in front of you. I also heard that this helps lower your payment on your insurance but I'd check with your insurance 1st. I plan on using this while I'm in my Jeep 4wheeling and while I'm in my mustang and people try to race me. This camera has really good picture quality. If you are a Car person you will find other uses for this camera then what they list lol. In all honesty they are alot of nut jobs out driving. It really does pay to have a camera filming. It's a nice peace of mind. Read more

B Wallis
Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2020

Review:I love a good dash cam. These come in handy and are great to have if you live in an area where the daily commute is like going into battle. You also get bragging rights for the crazy things you might see as you go about your day, and lots of fodder for fail videos- did you know a lot of people pay serious $ for videos of near-misses, road rage incidents, and other random stuff stupid people do on our roadways? This will yield high-quality video in full color... not as clear as the photoshopped product images, but pretty decent, even in some weather conditions. I do like that the app allows viewing on your phone. If you are in an accident and need to show footage to somebody quickly, this function allows it. The safety features aren't really reliable so don't buy this camera with those as a deciding factor. They're glitchy and can be obnoxious. For the price, I would have liked to have seen a better mount for this and better cables. Read more

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