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Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-Inch Wheels, Multiple Colors

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Ride in comfort and style with the Discover 2 Hybrid Bike by Schwinn. Great for commuting and neighborhood rides, this bike features a Schwinn alloy hybrid frame with fit geometry and a suspension fork for a smooth ride. It even has a suspension seat post, Schwinn hybrid saddle, and ergonomic grips for extra comfort. The 21 speed shifters with rear derailleur offer precise gear changes, while alloy linear pull brakes deliver exceptional stopping power. Plus, the Discover 2 comes with a rear carrier for convenient cargo space, and fenders to help protect you from splashes and grit. Like all Schwinn bikes, the Discover 2 includes a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. Enjoy the freedom of riding a Schwinn.

Kaleb L.
Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2015

Review:Update Below Original Post: 12/03/2015 Original Post: 10/04/2015 I wanted to wait to post a review on this bike until I had a chance to actually develop an opinion beyond just an initial impression. First, a little more detail and background. I am a male in my mid 30s getting back into cycling after a 15 year hiatus. I am 6' feet tall and 220 lbs. I am coming from a very sedentary life, more than full time work (desk job) and full time school with four kids. I am very busy but do not have a very 'active' lifestyle. I am just finishing up school and decided to get back into cycling to help increase my activity level. I started riding again on Labor Day 2015. So a little over a month and I've put roughly 240 miles on this bike. Not bad considering I was down on riding for about two weeks waiting on a repair (more on that in a bit). Alright, let's start at the beginning Delivery... I picked this up on an Amazon Deal of the Day for a great deal, $180. This price is what tipped the scale for me on the half dozen or so bikes I was considering. This model ended up being heavily ordered and took a little less than a month to arrive. It was packaged well and undamaged when it arrived. I assembled the bike myself; the general instructions are rather vague due to how generically they were written but it came together. I consider myself to be very handy and capable when it comes to this type of work and it took about 30-45 minutes to get it assembled...however a considerable amount of adjustment was needed. Both the front and rear derailleurs were not setup well causing it to fail when attempting to shift or skipping gears when powering into the pedals. Both the wheels needed to be trued a lot, which I did by eye at first and again later at the Local Bike Shop (LBS). The brakes needed to be adjusted considerably as well and I would say that overall I spent 5-6 hours tinkering and fine tuning over the first week. In retrospect I would just take it into the LBS from the beginning the next time. My first impression was that assembly wasn't too bad, though over the next few weeks that changed. I am happy with the overall bikes features though; the gearing is very helpful to get through the various ups and downs while riding, the fenders are plastic but very effective, and the seat is large and fairly comfortable (I am still debating on keeping it or upgrading). The tires and tubes are fairly low end, but have served me pretty well so far, I've only had to fix 1 flat tire to this point. The brakes are effective and the handgrip shifters are easy to use. The front fork and seat suspension is stiff and jerky, but it seems to be loosening up the more I ride, so in another 200 miles it may be broken in nicely. The handlebars are very adjustable and it took me some time to get the right adjustments for them so they were both high enough and at the right angle; I even adjusted the rotation on the handgrips to better align my arms and wrists to be straighter while I ride to help the numbness I was having in my hands. I took the time to tinker and adjust my seat height and saddle depth for a more comfortable ride (btw- I feel this bike would be a good fit for anyone between 5'8" tall and 6'3" tall). Take the time to adjust the position of the handlebars and saddle, it really is worth it! There are some great YouTube videos for setup that really helped. The main additions I have made are, a head light and tail light, handlebar mirror, mini pump, tool kit and patch kit, pannier bags strapless toe-clips and reflective stickers and pin stripping tape (see the attached photo – original wheels). Really I am very happy with this bike though there are two things that have concerned me and it is for these things that brought the rating down. First, the bike is fairly heavy, approximately 40lbs. It is a bit of a concern but not a deal breaker to me. I feel like lugging extra weight around helps to make you a stronger rider...However part of this weight is due to the sturdy construction which is where my concern primarily resides…Don’t get me wrong sturdy is good but the frame tubes on this bike are larger than most and are more oval than round. This means that accessories normally mounted on the bike may not always fit. Not a deal breaker, just something to be aware of before purchasing. Secondly, and this is the big one, is the quality and construction of the Wheel Rims. This bike came with a double walled 700c x 38mm, 24h Alloy wheel rim with 4 gauge 278-280mm steel spokes. 24 spokes is pretty light considering it is basically a standardly constructed Rim. In my case I blew a spoke at about 160 miles/ two weeks in. Keep in mind this is road miles or paved trails with only a few substantial bumps to speak of. No big deal, I took it into the LBS and had them replace the spoke and true the wheel. Within the next 20 miles I blew two (2) more spokes and before I could make it home I ended up blowing three (3) more!!! At this point the wheel was totally unstable and unusable; I had to walk the remaining three miles home. I contacted my LBS and was told to just buy new wheels. Low end 36 spoke wheels in the same size where going to run me $70-$80 each, that is more than I paid for the bike. This was at 195 miles and just under three weeks of use. Needless to say I was NOT happy. I opted to contact Schwinn. After a brief conversation they informed me that they would send me a new rear wheel at no additional cost. Nice, right?! The only issue was that they didn't have the wheel in stock within the system (it is an older model, circa 2010-2013-ish). So they asked me to give them a few days to track down a wheel, if not they would send me a different model that would work with my bike. Two days later I got an email indicating they had shipped a package. They had been unable to find a replacement wheel for the Discover and had decided to send me a front and rear wheel set from another model of the same size to make sure I had a matching set of wheels. They were also upgraded from a 24 spoke wheel to a 32 spoke wheel, again at no additional cost to me. $55 later for a full tune up at my LBS and my bike is back, all setup with the new wheels and running smoothly. I just finished a 35 mile ride this morning on the new wheels and was very pleased. Schwinn really stood behind their product. The only other concern I have for these rims, both the originals and the new ones, is the length of the tube stem needed. The tubes that they come with have a stem that is a good 1/2" longer than a standard 32mm stem. My LBS says they can't even find tubes with a stem that long. But for a small $5 investment I purchased a pack of stem extensions which allow me to purchase the standard 32mm stem size at my LBS or on Amazon without worrying about the extra length or purchasing specialty tubes. Honestly you could get by without the extensions, but it does make changing a tube a bit faster and smoother with them. I have had this bike up to 42mph (going down a long steep hill) and felt rock solid. I normally average around 12-15 mph in good conditions and regularly haul around 20-30 lbs of extra gear/groceries/stuff. Overall I would say this is a solid bike that is made by a company that stands behind their products. It is a functional hybrid cruiser that is solid and comfortable to ride. The 21 speeds give it versatility for changing terrain and fitness levels, the fenders and cargo rack give it versatility in the uses that you will have and it looks good. I recommend this bike if you are looking. NOTE: The items I have added to the bike have also been reviewed if you liked this review. See my profile for these reviews. You will notice in the image I posted that I covered up all of the 'Schwinn' logos on the bike with reflective tape. This was due to wanting the tape to be in an effective location and for anti-theft purposes only. I am very pleased with Schwinn products so far. UPDATE: 12/03/2015 Just a quick update...I am about 700 miles of use in now, about 500 miles on the new set of wheels. Within 100 miles of my wheel change/ truing I broke another spoke on the rear wheel, I've had to replace the front derailleur and the cable, due to issues with it rubbing the chain, with both myself and my LBS attempting to get it set up correctly and dialed in, but it just keeps slipping back...I am also looking at having to replace the chain ring set as it has become slightly bent from use...all of my miles are road or paved trail. After the chain ring replacement I will be into the bike for almost as much as I spent on it in the first place...I still think it is a reasonably acceptable bike for the price, but I would recommend it more for the casual rider vs. someone who is looking to log some serious miles (recreational or commute). Additional Recommendations: I would recommend investing in thick tire tubes, self-sealing tubes or tire liners to help with flat tire issues…I patched about 8 times and changed out 3 tubes before investing…this obviously depends a lot on where you ride and the conditions that you ride in, but changing a tire on the side of the road is a great way to mess up an otherwise good ride, (especially if it is pouring). I have also recently installed a set of aero bars as my both my morning and evening commute tend to be into a strong headwind every day for about 14 miles of a 16.5 mile. I found that my body position for this ride is just too upright for the headwinds I have been riding in regularly and wanted an option to get me lower. I will do another update later…but I have already started saving and looking for another bike. Read more

Real Dreamer
Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2019

Review:Look elsewhere - I will have replaced nearly every part but the frame and I've had it less than three months. I am a 58yr-old man, 6' tall and weigh about 290 - all muscle, strong as a slightly-chubby, older bull. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid that I bought on December 21, 2018, came with 700c wheels, and it is a bit high for me, but I am able to stand with the middle bar almost touching my boys (about 33" from ground to bar). When first riding, I felt I was forced to lean too far forward and my upper body was quickly fatigued and so I replaced the handlebar with one that let me sit more upright. The front and rear derailleurs both needed multiple adjustments, and they were fine for awhile, but now they need constant adjustments. I am considering replacing the twist shifters with trigger shifters, hoping that will solve this strange problem, but I'll probably end up replacing both derailleurs as well. Update after 400 miles - the chainring assembly (the front three sprockets) wobbles and I can't find info on how to tighten or replace. It appears to be a problem without a solution and I'm beginning to consider replacing the entire crankset. The pedals were razor-sharp spiked pedals-from-hell. I replaced the pedals with those old, slippery, non-lethal kind. PROS: Price at $310 was less than most in this quality range, fairly stable and sturdy overall, spring-loaded fork and seat (but these spring-loaded suspensions are not much of a "pro" - the seat suspension tension adjusts but the forks don't) CONS: low quality tires, deadly razor-spike pedals-from-hell, crap brakes --- replaced pedals, seat, handlebars and brake pads --- plan on replacing twist shifts with trigger shifts, plan on replacing crap brakes with disc brakes ... but I may end up replace this dumpy bike with something better before I replace all the low-quality parts that this bike came with. * Seat replacement * this bike comes with a seat that has a specialized assembly bracket at the top of the spring-loaded seat stem, not the standard round shaft adapter, and this required me to remove the assembly components that came with the new seat in order to use the bracket and assembly parts that came with the original seat. Near-standard fit, it seems. The Promax alloy linear pull brakes, or V-brakes, are difficult to adjust, and the brake contact material is wearing rapidly (though I admit I am a well-muscled person). I've really had it with these crap brakes and am planning on replacing them with disc brakes. The tires are flimsy and both were replaced within a few rides due to getting multiple punctured tubes front and back because the tire thickness allowed tiny objects like plant seeds and small bits of broken glass to puncture the tubes. The seat was too stiff and slender and so I purchased a Cloud9. The handlebar stem is THREADLESS, not quill, which means it uses neck shims (small, stacked cylinders) to adjust handlebar height and it shipped with the maximum height of 3 shims (about 1" of stem height adjustment). I think the threadless stem system is really stupid because there is no way to simply raise the handlebars several inches, but if you want more height with a threadless system it is my understanding that you must replace the entire neck assembly with a longer one that allows this type of modification. And so there was no way to raise the handlebars enough to allow me to ride in a more comfortable position. I also adjusted the handlebars using the 30 degree rotation of the handlebar stem clamp, but this only added about an inch of height and so I purchased a truly swept-back handlebar from Walmart (through a 3rd party vendor), which also required the purchase of a small handlebar half-cylinder-shim in order to obtain complete tightening of the neck clamp. The handlebar grips that shipped with the bike are very stiff and so I also purchased soft, cushioned grips. I've been riding the bike almost every day for about six weeks now, and other than replacing the tires, handlebars and pedals, everything has been functioning really, really well. I will probably replace the twist-shifter with a trigger shift-brake handle combination soon, since the twisting is getting annoying, especially the 3 front gears, which require about a full one-inch rotational twisting motion of the left hand, bending the left wrist awkwardly backward, which takes five clicks to switch from first to second on the front gears, but only another two clicks to go to the third, largest front gear. The rear gears are awesome after some adjustment, except for the twisting of course. I really don't understand why I was unable to find a decent bike with disc brakes in this price range, and the problem with the handlebar neck having almost no height adjustment just blows my mind. The sharp, protruding edges of the original pedals-from-hell seems like they must have been made for people who are always wearing thick, plastic lower-leg protectors for some sport that involves opponents constantly kicking each other in the lower legs, and I feel like those pedals should never be allowed near people for any reason. I have a feeling that these types of dangerous and low-quality parts are being auctioned around among a group of unwanted-parts dealers. I guess I didn't return this bike because I reasoned that it had been so long (about fifteen years) since I last purchased an inexpensive Giant hybrid, that there were bound to be many significant changes, and most bikes were probably going to require many of these types of modifications. I felt like I would probably have to make many modifications to whatever bike I bought. Can't understand why Giant brand bikes are so expensive now. They're really just "good" quality bikes, not anything incredible. If I can get the wobble out of the chainring assembly without replacing the entire crankset, then I might keep this Schwinn, otherwise I would consider anything Schwinn makes from here on out to be mostly junk. And shame on Schwinn for putting together a bike full of crappy parts. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2015

Review:perfect and i am 4 feel 11 inches! Cannot believe i can ride this 29inch wheel bike, awesome Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2017

Review:I love this bike, it's an excellent hybrid for cruising and cycling. I live in a neighborhood surrounded by neighborhoods so I enjoy routing around the trails. I also wanted a bike to bring my kids along and I had to choose from a carrier or a trailer. The Schwinn Discover 700c in the past had problems with a coupler or even a hitch for trailers. I did not find one bit of information to help find the right kind that works for this bike. The schwinn coupler and angled elbow coupler wouldn't work for this bike. I was worried I wouldn't have any option. But I saw the hitch attachment and bought a trailer that uses a hitch. It fit like a charm, no adjustments needed to be made. There was plenty of room for the nut to tighten back in the rear wheel. It was perfect! I bought the Copilot Model A double trailer and it comes with the hitch attachment. So far I found the hitch style trailers would work for this bike. Hope this helps!!!! Read more

Harvey C.

Date:Reviewed in Canada on December 26, 2020

Review:I rode this "BICYCLE" for "1000" KMS this summer and it served me very well. It was rated "one of the best 10 bicycles in the world" in 2020. I had learn to adjust the "front deraillier" but finally got it right. One has to be very careful to make sure that the pedals are tight where they are screwed into the crank arms. [remember that the thred on the right side is a "right handed" thread but the other side is a "left handed" thread. They have to be tightened after each ride, when the bike is new, with a special 14 mm long shank wrench, which I purchased from Amazon. I hope that I haven't been too detailed, but I have learned these lessons by experience! i Read more

O' Frasser

Date:Reviewed in Canada on May 11, 2021

Review:For the price, the quality simply isn't there. Cheap, flimsy plastic fenders. Handle bar height adjustment very limited. made in China. On the Schwinn website the bikes are made in USA with some foreign parts. This one wasn't. I had to pay for shipping too. Want a total refund for what I consider misrepresentation. One bolt and nut to attach front fender also missing. Very disappointing experience!! Read more

neville e schepmyer

Date:Reviewed in Canada on August 2, 2018

Review:It took me less than two hours to assemble adjust and test ride this bicycle.Ride is quite satisfactory,fenders both front and rear are low quality plastic should be replaced.Good value for the price.My cycling group are seniors,retired and ride various bike trails including Rail trails and city trails once or twice a week. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on May 4, 2019

Review:This is an updated review as I finally figured out (with the help of my local bike shop) that the quick-release mechanism shipped with the bike was the wrong length... I moved this one from 1 to 2 stars mainly because once I mainly bought the right part I was able to use the bike. It is an OK bike, but I know that at this price point you can get a better one. I will not return it but it has crossed my mind more than once. My advise: pass on this one Read more

Terry Pazuk

Date:Reviewed in Canada on July 11, 2021

Review:The actual bicycle is great! Rides great no problem with the bicycle. The problem is with the seller and DHL delivery it took 37 days for it to arrive. Its coming from an American seller so of course it had to sit in customs for 5 days. What took 32 days to deliver it I will never know as answers from either the seller or DHL are the typical "We will look in to it" and thats where it ends no answer no bike. I'm on so I dont have to put up with customs and cross border shopping. Obviously I have to make sure I deal with Canadian sellers and avoid US sellers and avoid DHL if at all possible! Yes 37 days! prepare to wait a long time if you use this seller or DHL! Read more