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REOLINK 8CH 5MP Home Security Camera System, 6pcs Wired 5MP Outdoor PoE IP Cameras, 8MP 8CH NVR with 2TB HDD for 24-7 Recording, RLK8-410B6-5MP

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Asin: B07VPMX7Q5
Product weight: 17.71 Pounds
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About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) 5MP SUPER HD & STUNNING NIGHT VISION: Capture crystal clear videos day & night with 5MP super HD cameras. The 18pcs infrared LEDs allow you to get high-quality night vision up to 100ft, helping you to protect your property even at night. PLUG & PLAY POE SYSTEM: With a single network cable, you can connect each IP camera to Reolink NVR for both power supply and video transmission, making the installation easy enough for DIY enthusiasts and beginners. CUSTOMIZED MOTION DETECTION: Featuring detailed detection settings, the Reolink system allows you to adjust the sensitivity level, area and recording schedule of the detection, thus decrease some potential false alarms and help you enjoy peace of mind day & night. ENHANCED VIDEO RECORDING: Thanks to the built-in mic of Reolink cameras, the system can pick up ambient sound and help to add another layer of security despite the reliable 24/7 continuous recording. 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Reolink provides a two-year warranty and lifetime technical support for our customers. Simply contact us via e-mails and Amazon Message, we will handle the rest.

Package Dimensions
15 x 12.25 x 12 inches
Item Weight
17.71 pounds
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Date First Available
July 24, 2019
Reolink Digital
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Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2021

Review:I don't want to leave a very long review so I will assume you have done your homework and know what type of system you want. These are PoE (Power over Ethernet), so understand that you will have to do some crawling in the attic and under house as well as fish wires through walls etc. But IMO this makes for a much more reliable system (Be prepared to kill one long day for installation or break it up over a few days like I did). I like everything about this camera system except the software. I am able to view from a monitor attached to the NVR, but also can view from an app on my phone and on my pc with reolink client download available on the reolink website. It has a lot of features and will take a little time to become familiar with it. I will get to my main complaint in a moment but first a list of pros and cons... PROS: Cameras are metal and fairly small, good night vision, good motion detection even at a great distance, Plenty of settings to play around with (Be sure to play with the brightness, contrast, hue, etc for each camera as it will really help get better night vision), Motion alert options you can turn on and off, Ability to set areas where you can block out motion for each camera, Customer Service that responds and doesn't ignore you, good website that will answer some questions you may have, decent phone app (It works great with wifi, but I noticed I have to set it to lower video quality on the app to view on 4G or it won't load sometimes) Cons: Client PC software leaves a lot to be desired and it freezes up, NVR came with outdated firmware, Even though the system comes with Cat 5 cables, they are only 60'. This is not near enough length when you run it across an attic down walls and under the house unless you are in a very small home or office. I was able to use one of the 60' but had to buy 5 additional 100' cat 5 cables to have enough length. This adds another $80-90 or so to the cost. It's nice to include the cables but it's unfortunate if you still have to buy more. So what sort of got me was I set the system up and started learning the NVR and settings etc. I had an issue with no motion events showing up on the main screen during playback. I had to actually go to the motion logs to view motion. It was happening on the monitor attached to the NVR. The app and pc software showed the motion events. I contacted customer support, and the problem was the firmware was out of date for the NVR and needed an update. I updated it, but it's like an entirely new software. I had just become comfortable with the system and now I have to learn it all over again. The new firmware also created another issue where the menu options are sort of off the screen on the sides, the top, and the bottom of the monitor. So when I go to playback I can barely see the menu bar at the bottom with the pause, rewind etc, and I can't see the time and date stamp at all if I pull up one single camera and have it on the full screen. From what I understand there is no way to correct this with the new updated firmware. I had the same problem with the old firmware, but there was a way to adjust in the settings. But now I can't. I am still trying to work with customer support. At least they will get back with you by e-mail, but generally you get one response per day, so the going back and forth is a little slow. I can find the answers to some of the issues I have by looking on their website, but I feel I have spent a lot of time getting used to this and working out small bugs and issues. Seems like fixing one problem leads to another small one. I was expecting more like plug and play and go about my business. But you will have to spend some time with this system to tweak it how you want it. Some of the issues could be me, but I can usually figure these type of things out fairly easy. But again, it seems many of the other camera companies have a lot worse issues and very little, if any support. I am sure i could have spent double the money and probably got a better system, but for the price I think its about as good as I am going to get. I will say this is my first system so I have nothing to compare it to. I am pleased with it, but just understand you may run into a few issues that you have to work through. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2020

Review:Overall, quite satisfied. Good: * Camera image quality is very good, the 5MP is plenty good enough for me, the 4K cameras have a bit of higher resolution but also take more storage and bandwidth * PoE cabling and power management is much easier to work with than "traditional" video/audio/power cabling; it's awesome not having to deal with bulky power transformers * Android and IOS apps work like you would expect * The NVR unit itself is quiet and unobtrusive Could be Better: * Full "admin" is only available on NVR console, which has a bit of a clunky interface * Motion control management is clunky, but I've yet to come across consumer-grade cameras that have a bullet-proof implementation * You'll need some level of familiarity with your Internet router to get the NVR and cameras fully configured properly * The wire management "pigtail" on the cameras is far too bulky and needs to be stashed (the reset button could be on the camera itself, the power female input isn't necessary with PoE, Ethernet cable covers can't be used unless you cut the cable) Bad: * Web console uses Flash for rendering video (Reolink appears to be addressing this, but the update for this model has not been rolled out yet) UPDATE: Reolink has released updated firmware for both cameras and NVR, and Flash has been replaced with HTML 5 (make sure you update both cameras and NVR) Few notes on using PoE / IP cameras: * I am using a BVTech 9 port PoE switch to help with cable management because I did not want to run all eight Ethernet cables to where the NVR is located in my entertainment center. Make sure if you're going to use a PoE switch that it has enough powered ports for your purposes (for consumer switches, they often do not power all of the ports) * I have an outdoor kitchen connecting via an Asus Mesh Wi-Fi router. I bought two extra cameras to hook up. For power, I'm using a TP-Link 5 port PoE switch (inexpensive and, again, It's nice to not have to have to deal with power transformers for each camera). Cameras => PoE switch => WiFiMech works like a champ. * If you know how, or have a buddy/kid that knows how, you will want to do DHCP reservations on the IP addresses assigned to the cameras (or set up static IPs), since the NVR uses IP addresses to track the cameras (if your router reboots, and you don't do this, the cameras may get different addresses and have to be reconfigured) * To set up external access to your setup, port 9000 is the only port you have to open (also, kind of nice, the Reolink NVR has an integrated dynamic DNS client in case your router doesn't have one) * By default, the apps will automatically connect to the NVRs _and_ cameras, which is kind of a pain. I would turn off auto-detection and just connect to the NVR. If you are going to set up external access, make sure to connect to your external IP/DNS/etc. * Make sure to set admin passwords on all of your cameras as well as the DVR Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2021

Review:the NVR and the cameras are very good quality and were easy to install. I would purchase again. However, just be warned that if you have a question about the system, you are on your own. The customer service is non-existent. I called the "California" customer service group. I spoke with someone whose English left a lot to be desired. I doubt that they are in California. I suspect that number goes directly back to China. Also, i spoke with them twice about an issue, and they said they would email me the solution. it has been two weeks, and I am still waiting to hear back from them. I also went on their website and typed in my question and got the same response, silence. Bottom line, good equipment but no customer service. Read more