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Yogasleep Dohm UNO White Noise Machine | Real Fan Inside for Non-Looping White Noise | Sound Machine for Travel, Office Privacy, Sleep Therapy | for Adults & Baby (White)

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Style: Uno White Beloved by generations since 1962, the Dohm is the original white noise machine. The Uno model features our fan based natural white noise producing our signature sound. The soothing ambient sounds of rushing air, without the disturbance of actual moving air or other irritations. With a single speed option and adjustable tone and volume, the Dohm Uno makes it simple to create a personalized sound environment, excellently masking background sounds and allowing for better sleep, office privacy, effective soothing for kids and babies, and calming for sound sensitive dogs. Powered by a 6 foot 120V AC plug, for domestic use only, just plug in the Dohm Uno, flip the switch, then rotate the cap and collar to find the best sound for you. Let the noise masking magic happen for a natural sleep aid, office privacy, baby soothing, tinnitus relief, respite from noisy snorers and unfamiliar hotel rooms, and a relaxing calming balm for barking dogs. The Dohm Uno features a simple and compact design that fits anywhere and blends unobtrusively into surroundings.

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2019

Review:Not as good as the classic. The sound of the Uno on high doesn’t get as loud as the low setting on the classic dohm. Will not block enough noise to help my kids get to sleep. The classic is worth the extra money! Read more

Troy Hudson
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2020

Review:My wife bought this because I'm a such a "fan" of the Dohm Classic white noise machine that I was bringing it into my office to use whenever it wasn't on for our baby. My house has hardwoods and noise carries easily, but the Dohm Classic washes it out with a soothing roar. When I read the reviews about the rattling and high pitched whine the UNO makes, I was worried I wouldn't care for this cheaper model nearly as much. But it turns out the complaints are overblown, at least in my opinion. Sure, it's definitely not as loud as the Classic on high, but we're not talking about a tremendous difference in volume. It still delivers soothing, analog white noise and it's plenty loud enough to drown out the sounds of floorboards creaking and cars driving by that tend to pull my ADHD brain off course so easily. None of Marpac’s models can get as loud as the loudest electronic white noise machines, so if you need to drown out a busy city street, an analog machine probably won’t cut it. To be fair, if I focus on the noise itself, I do notice two distinct sounds. One is the low-pitched roar of forced air and the other is a quieter, higher-pitched whirr that I assume is the fan motor. The thing is, I don't sit there and savor the sound of the Dohm UNO like a fine wine. Whether it's the Classic or the UNO, real analog white noise is something you don't even notice after a few minutes (unlike digital samples, which quickly become annoying after you start recognizing the loop pattern). I guess some people like to focus on the sound, and if that's how you use white noise, then the Dohm Classic does have a slightly quieter motor and if you listen closely you can tell the difference. If the quiet whirr ever starts to bother me, I’ll probably just open it up and spray it with some silicone. The only reason I’d advise against getting this model is if you like to fine tune the tone of your white noise. The Classic has two ways to change the tone, while the UNO combines them into one rotating piece that controls both tone and volume. Personally, I always leave my Classic set all the way open and never change it, which I imagine is what most people do, but if you need not one but TWO ways to alter the tone, then best to stick with the Classic. One other plus is that the UNO has a better design than the Classic. It feels more modern and looks a lot like their confusingly named Dohm model, which is not the same as the Dohm Classic (they’re basically the same, but the Dohm has the updated design). Marpac makes the best white noise machines, and it shouldn’t be this hard to pick one. It doesn’t help that they’ve started using the Yogasleep name on their products since they bought that company. Don’t get confused; Marpac is still the manufacturer for all the Dohm machines. They’ve given us a surfeit of choices, but the analog machines are mostly so similar, you just have to choose which “trim” level you want. Personally, I’d recommend saving $10-$15 and getting the UNO and enjoying the peace and calm of a less distracting environment. Read more

Erika Larson
Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2019

Review:We already have the more expensive marpac white noise machine to go in our daughter's nursery, but sometimes she sleeps in our room, and since we were getting tired of moving her sound machine back and forth between 2 rooms, I decided to get the cheaper version of the machine. It started out great, but after about 3 months, it started to make a rattle sound. This is very distracting! I'd recommend to just buy the more expensive marpac sound machine. The more expensive one has more "sounds", more volume adjustments, and has never rattled once in an entire year. thanks Read more

Rating:1.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020

Review:I bought this for the office cubicle to drown out the noise from Jane's loud ass mouth smacking, and sneezing right across from my cubicle (she sneezes like she's calling out for help and smack her mouth like cows chewing cud or a baby goat eating its first meal). It did not even have an effect on the noise just contributed a loud vent-like sound that you can hear among the rest of the noise. it sounds like one of those things you use as a backup power-source outside the building. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2019

Review:I am an extremely light sleeper and hear everything that goes on outside. I have tried other sleep machines; you know the ones where you can pick different sounds like the ocean or lightning; etc. I always pick up a pattern in the recording with those and it bothers me. This is just a fan; that's right, nothing fancy just a steady fan sound. It drowns out the noise of the barking dog across the street and helps me sleep all through the night. It's small enough to take with me when the wife and I travel. Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2019

Review:We have several white noise machines(for each bedroom), but needed a new one quickly after one died. I knew this only had one setting, i was hoping it was just the high setting. It’s the low one. So, it’s a nice machine but it’s not as loud as i wanted. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2019

Review:My daughter loves this during storms and when the house is louder at night! She was always scared of storms and this has greatly helped! Plus I love that it plugs in so I don’t have to change batteries often and can change the sound volume just by twisting the top of the machine! Read more

Rating:3.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2020

Review:This is a nice white noise unit. It's well made, the sound is pleasing and consistent and its aesthetically pretty nice. It's's too soft. I wanted to use it in an open floor plan office with only a mild amount of background noise. I had to put it on books so it was closer to my head just so I could get some benefit. I'm guessing that for person who uses it as a sleep aid, it would work well as it could sit on a nightstand next to their head, but as an office white noise machine, it was lacking. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Mexico on August 25, 2020

Review:Me fascina mis maquinitas de white noise. Éstas en específico me gustan más porque tiene motor dentro de la unidad. Lo que hace que se escuche natural el sonido. He intentado usar mi celular o bocina pero no se escucha igual. Para mi fue una salvación porque ya no levanto a mi pareja cuando voy al baño en la noche. De hecho nos lo hemos llevamos de viaje varias veces y nos ha ayudado mucho en no escuchar a los vecinos del cuarto de hotel o los sonidos de la calle (especialmente en CDMX). Hay una versión más sencilla que solamente tiene una velocidad. Este me gusta más porque tiene dos velocidades y se puede regular lo agudo o grave del sonido. Ampliamente recomendado, ya le regalé a mis suegros y mis papás, me aman más por este aparatito jajaja. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Mexico on July 16, 2020

Review:Se calienta rápidamente. Fue útil mientras duro. Menos de un mes. Read more

Alia Del Rincon

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on March 27, 2020

Review:Me gustaría que me devolvieran mi dinero, lo compre el 20 de Febrero y ya no prende. Read more

Carlos Salvador Perez Hernandez

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on July 22, 2020

Review:Dejo de encender y solo tengo 80 dias aprox con el producto Read more

Alejandra Moreno

Date:Reviewed in Mexico on January 3, 2021

Review:Compré esta máquina en Julio, la amaba pero ya dejó de funcionar :( Read more

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