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Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System,Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit w/LED Grow Light,Plant Germination Kits 12 Plant Pots for Home Kitchen Gardening (12 Pots)

Price:PKR. 105,164.00 /

Product weight: 5.57 Pounds
Product dimentsions: 0 x 0 x 0 0
Cost Break Down
This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. P.when("ReplacementPartsBulletLoader").execute(function(module){ module.initializeDPX(); }) ??Grow Fresh Food Indoor All Year Round: Equipped with 12 planting pods that are made of biodegradable coco coir, the moistenland hydropnics system will make the plants and fruits grow in a clean and neat environment that contains no heavy metal, no antibiotics, and non-OMG. As Hydroponic plants are less likely to be targeted by pests than field-grown plants, no chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) will be needed. ??High Efficiency Grow Light: A 23W LED grow light panel provides full spectrum of light to meet the plant growth without sunlight. Providing a mix of red+blue+white light and an automatic 24H light circulation(16H on, 8H off) mechanism, this will accelerate the plants to root, to sprout, and to grow. Thus, you will get harvest many times in one year. ??Built in air & water circulation system: A fan is embeded in the light panel not only for reduce the light heat but also for providing an air circulation that mimics the breeze in the nature and makes plants grow more efficiently. In the reservior, a powerful and quiet pump makes the water flow around, which helps to disperse the nutrients and oxygen to make the roots grow healthy. ??Two Grow Modes and Adjustable Height: Features veggie and fruit mode for different planting. The veggie mode will enhance the blue light to make the plants leafy, and the fruit mode will enhance the red light to make the plants flowering and getting fruit. As the plants grow high, you can adjust the height of post to adapt the growing height(11.2" Maximum). ??Versatile, Educational, and Fun: 12 planting pods allow you to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad fruits, flowers at a time. It's enjoyable to watch the plants growing. Ideal for indoor use, you can place it on the kitchen counter, window, living room, or office. Ideal gift for birthday, Mother's day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Package Dimensions
15.59 x 12.05 x 6.54 inches
Item Weight
5.57 pounds
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2020

Review:I got this over the Aerogarden Harvest because of the faux wood accent, and that you can plant 12 at the same time in place of 6. It's day 8 and all plants are almost an inch tall. I still got the aerogarden pods, which btw are not a perfect fit, the baskets are .25 inch wider than the 1.25 inch holes in this system. But I ended up just using an aluminium foil to wrap around the gap to hold the humidity inside. It worked well. In case that helps anyone. edit: day 60 (second picture) Read more

Wade Jones
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2020

Review:Seeds are NOT included with product. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2020

Review:Growing lettuce and 🍅. Cherry tomatoes. So far so food. I already did 1 trimming on lettuce for my iguana. I did buy an aerogarden kit. 1 lettuce aerogarden kit and 1 tomato kit. I read instructions it does not come with seeds...but that's ok. I did get it at allot cheaper pricethen what it's listed for now. Im taking the little cups and the foam to makemy own hydroponic with a plastic container. Read more

Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2020

Review:Edit edit: Moistenland has heard my complaint and finally came out with their own replacement grow anything pods similar to Areogarden. You can find the here: Raising rating back up to 4 stars. EDIT: I still like this unit, but I can't say it's my favorite anymore. It is combersome to empty out and clean. Especially when you do it every 2 weeks like you're supposed to. I have also discovered that the net cups are impossible to replace and it equally impossible to contact the company. I can't find them anywhere. So for that minus 3 stars. I have an Areogarden Harvest 360 and this Moistenland Hydro unit. Out of the 2, this one is my favorite. Moistenland vs Areogarden- Moistenland has: An automatic top fan and circulating pump A nice wood looking overhead lamp Two automatic lamp settings, Veggies and fruits It came with a lot of pods and baskets, seed tweezers, a pod poker, labels, a nutrient measuring cup Does not have: Nutrient reminder Removable water tray for easy cleaning Areogarden 360 has: Nutrient and low water reminders Removable water tray for easy cleaning Miracle Grow nutrient solution Herb seed pod kit Both have adjustable lamps, both have set and forget automatic lamps, and both have pumps to circulate the water. On a side note, we have been having a lot of brown outs lately and I noticed that the Moistenland starts right back up after a power outage. Whereas the Areogarden I have to manually turn the lamp back on and reprogram the lamp timer. Which has become annoying. Read more

Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020

Review:I recently started an aerogarden ( I will refer to it as AG) as a gift so the comparison is very fresh. First of all, bang for buck this one wins hands down. The AG was $150 for 6 planting sites and this one is 12. This one also has a little fan to help your plants grow strong and pollinate, the AG does not. I don't like the color of the light as well as I did with the AG , its purple and the AG is a very nice white light. It is basically just a DWC hydroponics system, so the roots just go into the water and there is a pump to oxygenate. The AG is a combo where water pours over your pods, I would say my seeds rooted just a little quicker in the AG. So bottom line, this is a great unit for a great price! I am going to order a second so I can have one for tall plants and one for short. Read more

Lynn Kennedy
Rating:5.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020

Review:I just got this today! Purchased it yesterday during lightening deal! I honestly didn't think I'd get it till next week! Set up was easy ! I have another grower that was more difficult to set up! I was impressed with the fact they give you all the pods, holders, and even tags to name the veggies! The fan is great but I don't think I need that till my seeds germinate! I added dwarf tomato seeds, basil and will be getting pepper both sweet and hot, another dwarf and and tomato that is small. I'll update as the system advances! My birthday gift to myself and so far so good. One thing I found is when plants get high to the light I can take light off and use it as a light facing plants! I adding a photo I took this morning! I planted lettuce seeds Friday and already have germination! Update: I am having success with their medium by cutting the side so the pod isn't too dense! It works and germination in six days! Three weeks and I have lettuce(supposed to be butter crunch but looks more like romaine! Have tomato seedlings, eggplant, and jalapeno and sweet pepper seedlings! Will keep all but lettuce in the system once the seedlings get bigger! I'll move the lettuce to krafty jars so I can still use light and fan! Best purchase and plan on a second!!! Read more

Maggie Haynes
Rating:4.0 out of 5 stars

Date:Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020

Review:7-21-2020 Waited a bit but the plants are growing super fast wanted to update with pics. Still very pleased with this unit. Onlubwhish theblights would go higher. 5-8-2020 -- 3 stars until i re-review you need to do actual measurements or get someone that knows how to. 1st of all your pics show it to be Approx 4.6"W x 5.4"L ???? i almost canceled the order...thank god i took in consideration your only reselling these. the base of the unit is approx 9"W x 13.5"L and 4"D im not even doing to other measurements.... i have just unboxed it and will be doing seeding soon, but i had to give this quick review and point out the picture needs updating in your description..... I can tell you it is a solid design and not flimsy so thats a good start.... i will be returning to give an update later with pics once they start growing. 5-12-20 One pod is growing The pod next to the fill hole, does not allow the lid to cover the pod completely so the condensation does not build up in it dunno if that effects the seed cycle or not...but we will see 5-26-20 Seeds are starting i had to re-plant because i tried some older seeds i had and they just did not take. Looking good now will update again...updating from 3 to 4 stars. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on August 13, 2020

Review:We first tried the VersaGrow system and bailed out on that ... then were going to buy an AeroGarden system but stumbled upon this unit before doing so. This unit is cheaper than AeroGarden and works just fine ... the trick we have found to make it really "sing" is to insert some aeration stones in the small tank. These stones are creating so much oxygen in the water tank that our strawberries and blueberries are starting to flourish and the romaine lettuce (AeroGarden pods) are growing very nicely. For AeroGarden pods, we wrapped the part of the pod that did not fit all the way into the unit with masking tape to prevent additional fungal growth in the tank due to light getting through to the nutrient rich water. Our AeroGarden is working as intended without stones or any other helpers ... we are using that as a base test but think we are going to be buying a few more of these units. Read more

Patricia B.

Date:Reviewed in Canada on December 20, 2020

Review:I love this little unit! small and compact, has room for 12 plants. I've grown lettuces and some herbs, and have harvested 2x already, with another harvest in a couple of days, from the same plants. Best salad ever! It all works as described, with the lights turning themselves on and off, and the water pump cycling every 30 minutes. I'm buying another unit, as it takes 4 weeks from planting to harvesting for lettuce, and I want a steady supply of salad. You have to buy your own seeds and plant food, and that is fine with me. Jan. 9, 2021 Update: I got my second unit before the New Year and it came with a growing tray and hole covers. I've planted cherry tomatoes and more lettuce - great salads! From my original unit I still harvest lettuce once a week, I've done so a total of 5 times already, by taking only 1/3 of the plants each time. I am very happy with my purchase! And the replacement grow sponges are now in amazon Canada. I now have 3 units (this is addictive...) and rotate the lettuce so I always have a fresh supply. Note: do not plant lettuce and tomatoes (or any fruiting plant) together as they have different nutrient needs. *** June 2021 update: the fan in the unit makes a terrible noise and has to be turned off. I emailed the seller several times and got no response. The unit is less than 6 months old, this is unacceptable, so I am downgrading my rating to 3 stars. I will update again when (and if) the issue is resolved.*** *** July 2, 2021 update: Andy from customer service contacted me and he is sending a replacement fan. Upgrading rating back to 5 stars *** Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on March 14, 2020

Review:Much better price point and works just as well as other more expensive products. We have both wish I had of seen this first. The cost of the sponges makes this more economical. After having two since Dec 2019 . I would not recommend this product. One developed a leak. The plugs are expensive. Look at heated pads, lights and old fashion soil options much less expensive and with the heat we found that we had better plants. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on February 24, 2021

Review:J'ai acheté un jardin de 12 plantes et tout a été livré rapidement. Le produit est très bien emballé. Il comprend, outre les paniers et les éponges de mousses de sphaigne, il vient avec une pince pour les semences, un perce-éponge, un bouchon d'évacuation de réserve et une mesure pour les nutriments. Il y a aussi des marqueurs pour identifier les plantes qui sont trop gros et tiennent mal dans les trous. Il manquait 1 panier. J'avais acheté aussi quelques plants Aerogarden, qui sont compatibles et qui comprennent une petite bouteille de nutriments, donc ça me convenait. Le ventilateur et la pompe ne sont pas bruyants. Le premier soir, j'ai déconnecté l'appareil, pour le repartir à 4 heures du matin, afin de lui permettre de faire son cycle de 18 heures et voir s'il s'éteignait bien. Après seulement 3 jours, le basilic et la coriandre pointaient hors du sol. Le plan de tomates cerises a atteint 6 pouces (15 cm) en 3 semaines. Merveilleux! Les graines que j'ai planté moi-même ont aussi bien poussées, mais il faut s'assurer d'avoir de bonnes semences. Les épinards n'ont pas levés, j'aurais peut-être dû faire tremper les graines 1 heure avant de les planter. Il faut vraiment ne conserver qu'un seul plan par panier, sinon les plantes étouffent. Après 5 jours, la minuterie de l'éclairage ne fonctionnait plus. J'ai contacté la compagnie qui m'a donné un excellent service et qui m'a renvoyé un nouveau jardin par livraison rapide. J'ai dû cependant leur fournir mon adresse et mon numéro de téléphone hors connexion Amazon, afin qu'il puisse ouvrir un bon de commande chez Amazon. Le problème du premier jardin s'est réglé de lui-même. Mais cette fois, c'est le 2e jardin qui a eu le même problème de minuterie et il était plus bruyant. Je l'ai retourné. À mon avis, le cycle de 18 heures est trop long. Si vous dormez plus de 6 heures par nuit, vous ne pouvez pas voir si l'éclairage d'éteint et s'allume normalement. Il faudra donc vous coucher tard et vous réveiller occasionnellement la nuit pour vous assurer que tout fonctionne correctement. Il est également dommage qu'il ne contienne pas les nutriments de départ. J'en ai acheté un de remplacement de marque IDOO à 7 plantes. Eux ajoutent les nutriments pour 4 semaines mais pas la pince et le perce-éponge (ce qui n'est pas essentiel). Il n'y a pas de ventilateur, dont très silencieux. Il contient différents cycles d'éclairage, soit 14/10, 12/12 et 16/8. Là, je vais pouvoir faire des nuits normales. Cette compagnie indique également que les semences ne sont pas incluses en raison des restrictions sur les importations. En bref, ces petits jardins sont merveilleux, mais comme ce sont des compagnies chinoises, la qualité est très variable. Assurez-vous d'en choisir un qui a un cycle de fonctionnement qui ne deviendra pas un incovénient, comme le Moitenland l'est devenu pour moi. Read more


Date:Reviewed in Canada on November 13, 2020

Review:Started the garden as per directions on Sept 7th and within a week, cilantro, parsley and basil had grown enough to remove the cups. It’s now November and we have cut and used all three herbs at least three times. Rosemary is trickier, sage and thyme are growing as is mint. Had some green algae on top of some pods. Went on the internet and restarted those pods after cleaning with peroxide. Some white web-like mildew but read it’s not harmful and herbs continued to grow. I empty and refill the water once/month and fertilize every three weeks. I bought 4 more to give to our four grow up kids for Christmas. I bought my seeds at our local garden centre. Read more

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