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Vendor Registration & Promotions

The Vendor registry gathers in a single place all the documentation of the people and companies that seek and do business with our company. After the free vendor registration, you will be able to do business with our company. You can display multiple products by your brand on our website. We have a certain commission on each product that is sold on our website but there will be no commission of WaooMart on the first five products. In addition, we will do the social media marketing and SEO of all the products listed on our website by the vendors. Furthermore, if a product gets high recognition and makes a high number of sales, then WaooMart will offer them to be listed on Amazon.

Free Signup

WaooMart Offers a free signup for the vendors who want to get registered with our association. The free registration will provides access to the customers immediately so that the products by any vendor starts getting sold out. Once your request for becoming a vendor has been processed and your documentation is qualitatively correct, the Administration and Supply Department of WaooMart will notify you via email that your Proof of Registration is already available for you to send. To obtain your registration certificate, you must send the "Acknowledgment of Receipt" that will be sent attached to the notification email.

Time Duration

After the reception of documentation from the vendor, it will take 24 business hours after receipt of documentation. Delivery of proof of registration might take 7 business days counted from the day following the date on which you receive e-mail and it is stated that your documentation is complete and correct. If you did not receive a response from the municipal authority, or you are dissatisfied with the one you received, consult the information on the means of challenge and the refusal by contacting us. After our administration has approved your vendor form, the products can be immediately listed on WaooMart.

First Five Products—No Commission

WaooMart is an unprecedented platform with extremely attractive offers. Any vendor who chooses our platform to sell their products will be welcomed with 100% profit on first five products. That means we won’t take any commission on the first five products that will be sold on our website. The vendors will be given complete leverage of displaying any product on WaooMart. It is highly recommended for our vendors to display products that have a higher potential of getting sold out. That is how the first five products will be sold out immediately. There will be no sales tax on the first five products that will be sold. No sales tax means; no commission on first five products. It is worth noticing that we don’t deduct commission for value added services. Thus, it will be a good experience to enjoy 100% profit margin on any five products by vendors that will be sold on our company.

High Selling Products on Amazon

WaooMart makes offers a matchless business opportunity to the vendors and supplier who want to work with our company. If the products by our vendors perform exceptionally and increase the number of sales on our website, then WaooMart will list those products on Amazon. This is through our advanced services and links that we have. Our company will offer the complete liberty to the vendors that whether they want to get their products listed on Amazon.

By listing products on Amazon, the odds will be high that you make a great number of sales. It is only when the product performs initially on the website of WaooMart.

Free Social Media Marketing and SEO

The SEO and digital marketing team at WaooMart will be responsible to promote vendor’s products through social media campaigns and functional SEO tricks. With these advanced digital marketing services the vendor’s products can be exceptionally promoted on various digital media platforms. Thus, the biggest advantage for the vendors for listing their products on WaooMart is that they don’t have to spend a single penny over the marketing of their brand. WaooMart will only have the commission on each product after the first five products have been sold out. No additional charges would be taken from the vendors to promote their products and for digital marketing.

Low Margin from Other Sites

The products that will be presented on our website will have a very low margin as compared to other websites. Most of the competitors deduct 25% to 30% commission on each product. We are glad to inform you that our percentage of commission is quite lower than that. It is due to the fact that we are only deducting sales tax and no value added tax is deducted like most of the online shopping website do. In this way, he overall commission that WaooMart will have on each product will not be more than 15% to 20%.

It is important to note that the percentage of the sales tax varies from category to category. That is how the overall profit margin will be much greater than any other website that is offering this kind of service. All you have to do is be vigilant while you are listing products on WaooMart as only hot products that have good profit margins can benefit you. That is how you can enjoy great deal of benefits by switching to our website and listing any kind of products on our website. We stand out among our competitors through our low profit margins and no charge nothing for value added services.  

Vendor Policies

The vendor will be responsible for the veracity, accuracy, consistency and validity of the information of the proposal or offer annexed in the portal modules, in which it participates, and must deliver the physical backup of the annexed information, if required.

At all times, the vendor is responsible for keeping secret the number of its accounts, personal passwords, access codes and confidential numbers with which it has access to the services and contents of the portal.

The Provider does not acquire any intellectual property rights for the simple use of the services and contents of the portal and at no time will such use be considered as an authorization or license to use the services and contents for purposes other than the contracting processes. Therefore, you will not be able to market the services and contents in any way, nor do you have the right to place hyperlinks from and to the WaooMart’s portal, nor the right to place or use the services and contents of the portal on your own or third party sites or pages without authorization.